acting is probably the greatest therapy in the world. you can get a lot stuff out of you on the set so you don’t have to take it home with you at night. it’s the stuff between the lines, the empty space between those lines which is interesting.

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okay but I keep thinking about that post saying Lions pretend to be hurt when their cubs bite them to encourage them

imagine if Toga/Inu no Taisho had lived and was there for Inuyasha as he was growing up, and when  he’s learning to use his claws, he’ll jump out from behind shit and ‘attack’ his father and Toga just goes down like “Aaahhh you have slain me mighty demon! I am no match for your strength! Tell you mother I love her aahhhh!”

And Inuyasha is being a little cutie so damn proud of himself but Sesshomaru is standing behind him like “Father get up.”

"Sesshomaru, run lest you fall victim to him as well!"

"You are fine, he didn’t even scratch you."

"Go on without me my son!"

"Father you look like a fool." 

"It’s getting so dark…"

"Father stop."

I can’t handle the adorbs that is this post.