It’s probably a good thing I’m not involved in other fandoms. 

I’m a fish out of water in ALL of them.

DBZ: I hate Bardock, and don’t understand why people wish he had a chance to raise Goku. Guys. He was an asshole. And I will never, ever, ship Goten and Trunks. Sorry, guys, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

Sailor Moon: I prefer Ami/Zoi over Kun/Zoi. But that’s mostly for symmetry reasons. In the 90’s anime, I ship Kun/Zoi.

SGU: I wanted Rush to get punched in the face. But only all the time, every episode.

TF2: No. I don’t ship any of them together.

And now Gilmore Girls: I want Jess 500 miles away from Rory. And then slapped upside the head with a cold fish.

My opinions would incite riots.

Let’s see…

adore Bardock. I don’t know why cause I’m not that fond of Goku. I think I just gravitate towards fictional assholes. 100000000000% agree with you on the Goten/Trunks point. Just- no.

I didn’t really ship Kun/Zoi in the anime, but I ddn’t not. I need to re-read the manga because I read it too fast and at a bad time so I don’t remember a whole lot :D

Rush - Hmmm yeah kinda. I love him to death, and agree with him on a lot of things but he goes about it in such an awful manner he needs a smack.

TF2 - Agreed. No ships sail on those waters.

I haven’t watched GG in years. Need to see if it’s still being aired here.